A history of Pakistan Friendship: A short trip

As a Pakistani we are too accustom to blame others for all our evils and wrong doings and its sometime really hard to identify where we went wrong and why we are still at the same chowk “ایک مشکل دوراہے” after more than 65 years of independence. At the same time we are always ready to claim that Pakistan is the most amazing country which has got everything in it. So at this time i will like to recount a little on our history over the years with our friends.

Looking back i feel a bit sad that as a nation we have disappointed our friends a bit too much. I am not that old so i will start from 1971. Bangladesh came into existence and Pakistan has a three way agreement with India and Bangladesh in which it is agreed that no country will take any criminal actions on any stakeholder of the Bangladesh movement or anti-movement. It is a known fact that Jamaat-i-Islami was pro-Pakistan during the Bangladesh movement and wanted that Pakistan remain united. 40 year later we start hearing that unpopular Bangladesh govt for what ever reason started charges against the Jamaat leaders who participated in this war. The Pakistan is missing to remind Bangladesh that this is against the agreement we had and is not acceptable.

In 2001, World Trade Center fell. Al-Qaeda is blamed. But Pakistan is ordered to strike against Taliban. Taliban probably friends of Al-Qaeda but definitely not involved in the destruction of World Trade Center. Taliban are the ones which are backed by Pakistan to give Pakistan strategic depth in case of war with India. We made them believed that they are our friends. 2001 comes and we are killing them and helping others to kill them. They considered themselves as friends.

In 1984 India advances on Siachen. Pakistan realizes it needs engage India more to avoid India from taking such advances. Sikh Movement is highlighted. Come 1991, Pakistan takes a U-Turn and hand over all the secret details about the leaders of the people involved in that movement. All get killed. They were too friends.

In 1974, Pakistan decided to start an ambitious nuclear program. This is really an ambitious program for a country which is in deep loan and low GDP and has multitude of other problems. We got help from Gulf states not only in the form of funds but also in the form of getting tools and equipment. Prince of the Saudi Corwn family is the only person to have entered the Kahuta when even the Prime Minister of Pakistan is unable to enter the facility. Come 2015, these friends need our help but we turns our back.

How long we can continue to act like this? Why make friends whom we want to use as tissue paper for which they have to pay a heavy price with their own lives? Can we continue acting like this? Is our own attitude is NOBLE?


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