Terrorism in Pakistan: A Fair Comprehensive analysis

Terrorism is trying to destroy the very roots of Pakistan’s existence over a decade now. Many people write over it but they try to blame only one group or try to focus on only one side of the coin. Here we try to provide a brief but complete picture of the terrorism in Pakistan.

Terrorism of TTP:

TTP is the biggest reason of terrorism in Pakistan. But the terrorism of TTP is not against any ethnic or religious group. Rather they are trying to create anarchy by attacking all factions of Pakistan and carrying out terrorist activities against all groups. Who are sponsoring them is a difficult question but their activities shows that the one who are sponsoring them are against the Pakistan’s sovereignty and they are against the state of the Pakistan. So probably our life long enemies (india) are much more involved along with some other groups.

Ethnic Terrorism:

This terrorism is most prevalent in Baluchistan and to very little extent in other part of the countries. Hazara community is mostly highlighted in this terrorism but Punjabis and other ethnic groups are also targeted frequently in Baluchistan but usually they fail to gather much support in the media. But the killing of other ethnic groups in Baluchistan is also equally prevalent.

Violence Inciting Terrorism:

This terrorism is mostly present in Karachi. As provided in the debriefing of MQM killer that they use to kill a member of one ethnic group one day and other ethnic group on next day to make it look like it as religious killing.

Religious Terrorism:

Although in actuality it is in not small amount but counting all other terrorism activities this terrorism look quite small. In it some non-peaceful Deobandi groups and some shia groups are involved. Sipah-e-Mohammadi, Jhangvi, Fiqa-e-Jafriya are most known groups involved in this type of terrorism.

– This is work in process will try to add more facts and figures.


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