Iran, America, Israel: Friends through thick and thin

Today (15-April-2015) there was a news which was not covered by our mainstream media saying that Iran has done a nuclear agreement with the Israel. Link If you ask most of the Pakistanis who is the biggest enemy of Iran they will give the name of the Israel. So suddenly what has changed? Rather recently Israel said that Iran deal is unworkable Link. Point is that these are just fake conflict shown to gather sympathy for Iran in Muslim World. Below i will show some well documented proof that how close these three countries(Iran-Israel-America) have always been.

Iran, America, Israel friendship is a long and time tested friendship. This friendship strengthened after the Iranian Revolution. We have to remember that Khomeini traveled from Paris to lead the revolution and nobody has a doubt that France is one of the best friend of Israel. So how could they have let a person who is so anti-Israel to live and lead a revolution from Paris? Definitely there was an understanding

Then comes another important point. 1980 Iran Iraq war. That is one long war and on the whole it look like all the world was against Iran. But inside America and Israel were providing the support of arms to the Iran. Irangate or Contragate leaks some of the details that how the Anti-Tank and Surface to Air Missiles were transferred to Iran by Israel through the help of the Americans. Much more details available on the Wikipedia. Link

Now we come to the third most important aspect which should be an eye opener for any person with little bit of analytical sense. Israel has been threatening to destroy Iran nuclear program for last so many years. Similarly we have read just too many statements of American President against Iran. But never even an inch of territorial integrity of Iran is hurt.

We have to remember that

  1. Israel destroyed Iraq Nuclear Program when it was being when on the apparently it looked as West is with Iraq. But Israel has never taken such an act against Iran even after repeated threats.
  2. Many a times Iran broke the deal or did things beyond the agreement but apart from some financial sanction no other damage is being done to Iran
  3. All the revolutions which started against Sunni Emperors were successful in last few years like against Saddam in Iraq, Muammar Gaddafi in Libya, Zine al Abedine in Tunisia were successful. If the revolution is not successful its in a country headed by Shia, Bashar Al Assad in Syria. Is it just a coincidence that Sunni countries fall in revolution and nothing is happened against a Shia President Bashar Al Asad in Syria.? Think again

These are very few well known points of Iran-Israel-America cooperation. Their friendships goes much beyond that which will be discussed in a later entry.


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