Shias tactics of propaganda and intimidation

Shias, although look like another sect of Islam but its one of the most dangerous sect to Islam. They have been highly impressive in propaganda war and managed to not only look innocent and anti-Jews and anti-American through their fake conflicts (for details click here) but also have managed to intimidate the majority of the Sunni Muslims through their borderline unethical practices. In this short blog i will describe how they spread falsehood and intimidate others. These are my own observations.

First of all what they have done effectively in Pakistan is that they have managed to turn first 10 days of Muharram as a strike. I remember in my childhood only 10 Muharram use to be holiday and a processions of Shia. But now the processions starts from the start of Muharram, even though it is not in accordance to the teachings of Islam. Secondly what Shias have managed to do is that they have turned 3 – 4 days as total strike across all major cities of Pakistan thus hurting our economy. But this strike is done in the name of religion and also under the full support of media therefore they never get blamed and nobody consider it as strike.

Another interesting aspect is that Shia’s Muharram processions always go through the main roads (arteries) of the city thus turning any chance of business activity to nil. The reason is to look bigger to Sunnis and to stop and handicap the entire city to stand still.

Second thing they have done is that they have spread false propaganda that their population is 25 – 31% in India and Pakistan (Link). In 1901 united india census, Shia population in their hub of India, UP, was reported as less than 3% of total muslim population (Link). Now suddenly through their propaganda Shia have increased from less than 3% to more than 25% is totally unbelievable. But they have used falsehood and unashamed lies to spread this misconception. A detail blog about how Shia have manipulated their population more than they really are will be written later on.

Similarly no person with the name of Umer or Abu Bakr can enter Iran. But no one in the media will speak against their discriminations but we are ready to discriminate against others slightest biases.

Another interesting way of intimidating the majority Sunni sect is that during Hajj and Umrah, Shia will always travel in group. They will sit on stairs or in Muta’af as a group thus creating hurdles in the free flow of the pilgrims and trying to look more than they really are. You will never find a Shia group in Harmains sitting behind or in non-obtrusive places. Also they will speak loudly thus distracting all other pilgrims in their act of worships.

These are very few of the ways Shia spread their propaganda.


2 thoughts on “Shias tactics of propaganda and intimidation

  1. Good Job ……………..
    Check these sites for your further research in this matter
    Condition of Iranian Sunnis

    Shia hate toward Sunnis (search with term shia or shiites)


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