Is Shireen Mazari trying to spread Iranian Influence in Pakistan?

General Raheel Sharif recent appointment has exposed once again that who is spreading sectarianism in Pakistan. Many of Pakistan’s ex military persons have worked or are working as advisor and consultant to various companies and countries, and proving Pakistanis impeccable military brain and capability.

Now this General Raheel Sharif is getting another opportunity to eradicate terrorism, which is not only bringing bad name to Muslims but also protecting Muslim nations from this evil. This is a very honorable job and gives Pakistan a leading role in Muslim nations.

Now there is only person who is vehemently working against and the person is part of a party which has a case of foreign funding from Indian and Jews and still trying to hide behind constitutional nitty gritty instead of providing the details to ECP. So it does not take a genius to understand that who is spreading sectarianism in Pakistan. Below are some of the interesting tweets you can find on this but unfortunately our media is only reporting one side of the story.

Even International Media knows Iran role in spreading terrorism


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