India, Iran, Israel Nexus(triple i): Further Credence and world unreported events

Few months ago i wrote on India, Iran, Israel nexus against Pakistan (link). I call it triple i (III)  nexus. Recently there was a tweet that Iran wants to integrate Iraq in itself and make it a part of Iran.

Iran Revolutionary guard has been in Iraq for a long time and yet no one even Israel comment or criticize on it.

Another news which came on few news channel showed that an unofficial Iranian embassy is opened in Israel and yet no mainstream news has reported on it.

Although its unofficial embassy but neither Iran or Israel has criticized it. Although you may know that Iran has reserved seats for Jewish minority in Iran but there are no reserve seats for Sunni muslims. Rather there is no mosque left for sunni muslims in Iran. Recently last of the sunni mosque was destroyed in Tehran-Iran.

So lets move further and give another food for thought for those who use their brain and think free of any prejudice and bias.

An interesting aspect is that these three countries believe their respective empires to be restored and all these empire do not override or have conflict other empires. Like India believe in akhand bharat whose boundaries include Pakistan upto the east of HinduKush range and Iran Sassanian empire starts from west of HinduKush in Afghanistan up to the river Euphrates. Similarly Israel believe and pursue to restore its Jewish (Greater Israel) empire from river Nile up to the western banks of the river Euphrates.

akanadabharata-flex_small sasani Jewish

Now there are five major countries between between the triple i current borders. These are Pakistan, Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq and Turkey.

  • Even Turkey is divided equally among the Sassanian empire and Jewish greater Israel ambitions.
  • If you just think that 2 of these 5 countries have been bombarded and sort of razed by Americans. These are Afghanistan and Iraq.
  • 2 countries Pakistan and Syria have sort of civil war and destabilize. Although Pakistan’s situation have been improving recently but the Baluchistan is still full of unrest and crisis.
  • Turkey is also recently getting in news for all the wrong reasons and lot of unrest and destabilization is being created for it.

So below is the map they showing their respective boundary in a single map.



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