Iran Nuclear Treaty: Unwrapping the Deception

First time when i watched the movie transformers i had a lot of trouble in identifying which of the transformer is on the human side and which is the enemy of the humanity. I believe that was the purpose of the movie too, to confuse the viewers or to portray that there is very little difference between good and evil. Recently Iran reached a nuclear deal with the 5+1 group or in short you can say that Iran has concluded a deal with the Western countries and America. Although Iran was never an enemy of the west and neither west treated it as an enemy but still a deception was created to portray that Iran and West are on the opposite side and are enemies of each other. But this deal has unwrapped this deception that west and Iran were enemies.

First of all even before the deal is closed and the details untold Barack Obama calls that opponents of Iran deal the “crazies” and Obama will take them on the Iran deal.

Next UK opened its embassy before the deal is approved by Iranian Parliament or even Iranian Supreme Leader Khamenei.

Next Iran Atomic Energy Chief seeks a deal with China to upgrade Arak plutonium plant, which was supposed to be dismantled under the Vienna Nuclear deal?

Russia also has signed a nuclear deal with the Iran in violation of the deal.

Just shows that how irrelevant the deal was or the whole noise against Iran was just a diversion. No country is giving it any importance what so ever or to the content of the deal. 

Is it still not enough of a proof that West and Iran are the two sides of the same coin? Let me give more proofs

British foreign secretary brought the Shell executives with him to the reopening of the embassy in Iran and Shell says that it will repay US $2 Billion debt on the lifting of sanctions on Iran.

We have to remember that we never got back the money of our F16 from American Company when the Pressler Sanctions sanctions were lifted which we payed in 1980s. Rather our money was deducted in various heads.

Next Australian Foreign Minister says that Obama has asked us to join military action against IS in Syria but he adds that Australia will not join without consulting Tehran as the Australian did in Iraq.

Austrian Prime Minister is not waiting for the approval of the deal to visit with 240 men business delegation to Iran

It goes without saying that Iran actual forces are fighting in Iraq and Syria and Yemen. Now if Pakistan want to send forces to Saudia to help Saudia against the rebel Yemenis then we get all sort of pressure and criticism why we are fighting in a foreign fights. Is the war in Syria, Iraq, Yemen not foreign wars for Iran? and if Iran really was one of the nexus of evil then why the west is so willing and so desperate in asking permission from the nexus of evil? Secondly why the Australia is treating Iran as the super power of the world? or is it a very close friend of the super power?

Iran is also actively funding, supporting Joe Biden because he says that Iran is the solution to the Middle East Problems. 

and it should not be told that President Obama is supporting Joe Biden.

But at the same time Iran has put the ban to access to military sites, documents and scientists as part of a future deal with world powers over its contested nuclear programme. But the Obama and the world leaders are still pushing for the deal and not concerned with this resolution passed in the Iranian arliament. So what Obama and west will achieve from this deal then if they cant even check the nuclear sites and talk with the scientists. ?

Finally Iran has also removed the cloak and stopped chanting “death to America, death to Israel” after prayers and they have already removed such banners from mosque too.

Now it is clear to any free thinking person that Iran was just a decepticon by the west for furthering their evil agendas against Islam.


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